Sun-Estates Bi helps you obtain all the documents you need when buying and selling properties in Spain.

We help make the process as simple as possible for our customers.



We work with the lawyer you choose to handle the housing trade, and help with the necessary documents.

If you do not have a lawyer in Spain, we would like to refer you to someone who speaks your language.

We are also helpful in referring to a bank where an employee speaks your language.



When the sale is completed, and if help should be needed for the moving-in and craftsman tasks, we can refer to contacts we have very good experience with.



We know how difficult it can be to take care of your property here in Spain when you can not be here all the time.

Therefore, have made a property management to help you take care of your property.


The property agreement consists of 2 things


1) Our property inspection service is there to help you with what you need most when you own a home in Spain and do not live here permanently.

You receive 12 annual property inspections of your home, where we perform the following:

• Security check to make sure everything is in order.

• Ventilation of property we opening doors and windows and conducting a ventilation.

• Visual inspection for moisture damage, other damage or burglary.

• Visual inspection of water and electricity.

• Check faucets and flush toilets to make sure they are working properly.

• We will send you a status email.



2) Our key storage service includes that we have a minimum of 2 sets of keys that we store in our office. We offer delivery to e.g. Guests, craftsmen and suppliers. With never without written agreement with you. This ensures you who has access to your property.


Here in Spanish, the law says that there must be someone in this country who has a key to the property.


Price 49 € pr. the month.


At Sun-Estates, we provide the most natural different forms of help, this is for our customer to feel pressure before, during and after a trade.

We are also available after our customers have taken over their property, with help and advice.