You may be faced with having to make the investment of your life - both financially and in terms of quality of life.


We help you along the way through our close collaboration, with a number of Spanish and international mortgage banks and banks, which in Danish can advise and finance your purchase of a home on the Costa del Sol.



Sun-Estates works closely with Nykredit, which helps advise on and finance your future home on the Costa del Sol.


Nykredit finances both year-round and holiday homes in Spain with mortgage loans, as they are known from Denmark. Up to 80% of the value at which the property is valued can be financed.


The practical assessment of the home is made by a local valuer, who is appointed by Nykredit.


Unlike the Spanish banks, which only provide mortgages in connection with a real estate transaction, Nykredit offers to set up a mortgage loan at any time in the freehold value of your current property.


In consultation with Nykredit, you can find out how you want to finance your house or apartment.

Right now, loans with up to a 30-year term and the option of a 10-year initial grace period are offered.


The advice is provided by Nykredit International in Copenhagen, but you can also contact Nykredit's representative offices in Marbella and get guidance on financing your current or future dream home on the Costa del Sol.

Spanish Banks

We also work with the Spanish bank CajaMar.

Here, a Danish department director can help with loan offers to finance home purchases in Spain.

In general, the Spanish banks have a slightly higher interest rate than Nykredit, but a lower establishment fee. It is therefore always a good idea to obtain several non-binding offers, and on that basis decide what best suits your finances and wishes.


Whether you already have the financing in place, or need to find the right bank, we are here to help.