Buyers process

Your buying guide for buying a home in Spain


Buying a property abroad is a big decision that includes several steps and a thorough study of the market.

A home sale in Spain does not take place quite as in Denmark. There are several pitfalls. As a foreigner in Spain, you tend to think "Danish", which can lead to unnecessary frustrations if you have not allied yourself with a skilled broker.



As soon as you have found the property you want to buy, and the buyer and seller have reached an agreement on a trade price, the next step is to reserve the property and remove it from the market so that it can not be sold to another party.

This is done by paying a deposit, and a reservation document signed by both parties.

The deposit amount is typically € 6,000, but can vary depending on the price of the property.

The amount is typically transferred to an account with the buyer's or seller's lawyer, who then "locks" the home, while the lawyers obtain all relevant property documentation.


We can refer to lawyer down here, if you wish.

As long as a lawyer's reservation is included in the reservation - something we always do by default - the full reservation amount will be refunded if it turns out that the statutory conditions around the property are not met, or any reservations on the part of the buyer are not met.


The reservation document, which consists of only a single A4 page, states the name of the buyer and seller, the trade price, the address of the home, a desired takeover date, and finally any reservations that the buyer may have.



The lawyer checks that everything is legal, that all permits and licenses from the municipality are in order, and that no mortgages, debts, tenants and / or fees have been registered on the property.


The purchase agreement

Signing of the purchase agreement usually takes place 10 to 14 days after the reservation, and one must expect to have to pay an amount of the purchase amount at the same time.

When buying a resale property, the amount is typically 10%, while the rate when buying a project sale is usually between 20 and 40% of the purchase price.

The 14 days up to the purchase are typically used by your attorney to requisition, review and approve all relevant documents and conditions for the property in question. Here, among other things, matters relating to building licenses, bank guarantees, mortgagees, ownership etc. are checked. ifm. the property.

The purchase agreement itself is very similar to the one known from Denmark - ie a detailed contract which contains all the conditions and obligations regarding the sale of the home.


Deed writing

The deed is signed by both buyer and seller (or their legal representatives), either with or in the presence of a notary.

At the same time, the remaining part of the purchase price is transferred. This usually happens 30-50 days after the reservation, unless otherwise agreed - e.g. a long / short takeover or similar.

In the 30+ days, both buyer, seller, bank and lawyer have had enough time to prepare each so that the property can change hands.



After registration, legal notice is given to the property register, where the property is officially registered in the name of the new owner.

It is also now that costs, taxes, transfer fees and other litigation costs are regulated. The whole process is carried out by your lawyer who also helps to transfer all ongoing contracts such as electricity, water, owners association and taxes in your name.




When buying real estate on the Costa del Sol, it is important to keep in mind that a number of trading costs must be imposed on top of the purchase price.

These are calculated as a percentage of the price of the home, divided up as follows:


Trading costs for home purchases in Spain (Costa del Sol) - For resale:

• 7% property tax (mandatory)

• 1-2% deed and stamp duty (mandatory)

• 1% in attorneys' fees (recommended but not required)

 9-10% in total.

However, this is before any. costs associated with financing the home purchase, through a bank or mortgage bank.

This expense usually amounts to between 0-2%.


Trading costs for home purchases in Spain (Costa del Sol) - For project sales:

• 10% VAT (mandatory)

• 1-2% deed and stamp duty (mandatory)

• 1% in attorneys' fees (recommended but not required)

That is 12-13% in total. Any borrowing costs not included.