Selling your property


There are a large number of properties for sale in Spain, which can be a challenge when it comes to selling your home.

This is one of the reasons why choosing a well-established real estate agent who knows how clients will find your particular property.

You can read about the sales process below. But before we get there, as real estate agents we have a big task ahead of us before we sell your property at the best price.

We divide this into four phases:



Before the sale process starts, an agreement is signed with the real estate agent who takes care of the terms of sale.

At this point, it is important that you feel safe and secure with the real estate agent.


The real estate agent will support you throughout the sale, so it is important that everything feels right.

In the unlikely event that something does not feel right, switching to another Sun-Estates contact is no problem.

Your agreement is with Sun-Estates, not with an individual real estate agent.



Of course, we will look at your property to establish a valuation. We review other properties in the area and see what is sold for, assess with you the price of your property.



Now the real work begins.

To get the right buyer and price for your property, it is important to be prepared.

We use professional photographers to convey the right feeling of the property.

"A picture says more than a thousand words" is not just a good saying. It can also be crucial for a property sale.


To give your property the best chance to sell, we use a so-called 3D camera.


Once the photos are taken, it's time to start using all the media to find the right buyer. Your property will be advertised on social media, in newsletters and through real estate portals. A so-called open house is also an option.



We show your property potential buyers. It is important to have follow-up so you know what customers are saying about your property.


You can also get involved in the whole sales process if you wish.

Once we have found a buyer for your property, we begin the final part of the sale process.

We guide you and buy for a safe and secure sale. We have summarized the process in a simple and informative sales guide.