Online viewing

Book an online home screening with us

Book an online home screening with us & ndash; before you come down here and see the home yourself with your own & oslash; jne.

You probably already know it & ndash; you have searched and found an exciting home in the area; the Internet, which immediately has everything you & # 39; ll search for & ndash; but has it now also & aring; that? We experience that many have a great & oslash; desire to f & aring; more concrete information about the homes they see p & aring; the net & ndash; how is the home decorated, how is the distribution, how is the view from the different rooms and not least from the terrace, how is the space, etc. Everything that in addition to the price and location is important before making the decision and jumping on; a plane and come down here and take a closer look at the ring itself; the whole thing.

We have access to and can display ALL homes for sale on & aring; the market & ndash; ogs & aring; those you do not find on & aring; our own page!

We work for you as a buyer and we therefore want to get involved in the purchasing process. as early as possible.

How does it work?

1. The first thing that happens is that you, together with our super-skilled brokers and together, select the home or homes that you would like to see more closely.

2. We agree on a day and time when it suits you to see the home with us. We then make an agreement with the seller, client or bank to come by and film the current day.

3. Vi g & aring; r p & aring; LIVE with you (via facetime, skype, whatsapp etc.) while we are out & aring; housing. Here we give you a detailed overview of both housing and the area. You will be able to ask all the questions you may have along the way and answer directly. We will always be able to g & aring; back to a room or out p & aring; the terrace again and see the view m.m. & ndash; Because it is interactive, it is you who decides the pace.

4. You have now, all other things being equal, become much wiser on & aring; who we are, how we work and what the home and surroundings have to offer. You are now completely ready to take a trip down to Spain and see all the glories with your own & oslash; jne.

5. When you have one or more homes you will find really interesting bookers in a FREE sightseeing tour.

6. You will find your dream home in Spain


Online viewing at Sun-Estates is of course FREE

We offer live screenings as far as possible and only by prior arrangement.

Contact our area manager for more information and an appointment or write to us at phone +34 604 402 101 (+45 40 42 23 77) or email